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School picture - the "most trustworthy proof" of natural beauty of Korean and UK-American stars !

Do you want to know how beautiful naturally your idols are? Take a look at the school pictures without Plastic surgery and makeup!

The cosmetic surgery technology is growing, so  many stars can easily improve their appearance. Therefore, their fans are always curious about their natural beauty before that. To take a good look, School pictures are one of the most trustworthy proofs of their beauty before being famous and having money to improve their appearance.

Korean stars

It is really hard to recognize that this is "goddess" Yoona of SNSD, because her appearance in school looks ordinary .

Suzy can be recognized easily, because her face is not different much form now

The beauty of Taeyeon during school

Yuri before a sexy girl of SNSD, has a pretty big nose and "O-line" face.

Can you recognize the girl in the middle of the bottom line is  "smiling eyes" Tiffany of SNSD?

Another photo of Tiffany, which shows the natural beauty of the female singer is quite "ordinary" and not gorgeous as present.

The youngest sister of SNSD Seohyun  at school is quite pretty

This is the beauty of former member Jessica Jung ( below)

Ha Ji Won at school (left) has a quite big face com
pared to now

Song Hye Kyo proves her natural beauty when she was young

And this is Kim Tae Hee without make-up before being famous

Lee Min Ho at school is very handsome

So Ji Sub

Bi Rain

T.O.P proves that he lost weight compared to now

Lee Jong Suk

Uk-American Stars

Selena Gomez has a clear and beautiful face at school

Taylor Swift at school was still “country” and not gorgeous as present

Miley Cyrus was toothless and not beautiful as present

Not “ abnormal” as present, but Lady Gaga is very adorable when she was a little girl

Beyoncé with a thick lip and beautiful face before being a star

Mariah Carey’s face is not different from now

Britney spears when she was a schoolgirl looks pretty old

Katy Perry with her blonde hair

Having nature blonde hair and eyebrow , her eyebrows seems to “disappear” without make-up

Jenifer Lopez looks  quite different from now

In school picture, Kendall Jenner was very pretty

Kylie Jenner has a clear beauty with her lovely big eyes

Kim Kardashian looks pretty “rustic” but still very pretty with her clear eyes and  sexy lip

Jennifer Lawrence is different before being a star

Before getting plastic surgery, Megan Fox was having a fascinating beauty.

Emma Stone when she still had blackheads and Braces

“ Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot proves her beauty when she was young


Image: Synthesized from the Internet

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