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The appeal of the traditional villages in Hoi An - part 1

The traditional village of Hoi An always attracts visitors not only by local characteristics, but also by poetic beauty and peace of mind.
Thanh Ha Pottery Village

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Thanh Ha Pottery Village is located on the bank of Thu Bon River, in Thanh Ha Ward, Hoi An City, about 2km west of the Old Quarter.
The main products in Thanh Ha are the daily life utensils such as bowls, jars, vases, animals ... with many styles and colors. And especially lighter than other local products of the same type.
Tra Que vegetable village
Tra Que Vegetable Village in Cam Ha Commune, located 2 km northeast of Hoi An neighborhood. Coming here, visitors will see the whole process of growing vegetables in accordance with standards "green-clean-beautiful".
This 500-year-old vegetable village is famous for its many vegetable products grown on fertile soils, with the use of seaweed from Co Co river, which has its own unique flavor. Moreover, this is also the ideal tourist attractions of domestic and foreign tourists.
When you come here, visitors will be the vegetable growers in the village to guide how to grow, care, harvest vegetables to be able to "twist" sowing seeds. In addition, visitors also enjoy the food processing with green vegetables characteristic of Tra Que such as Quang noodles, cao lau ... and riding buffalo tour around the village.
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