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The appeal of the traditional villages in Hoi An - part 2

The traditional village of Hoi An always attracts visitors not only by local characteristics, but also by poetic beauty and peace of mind.
Kim Bong Carpentry Village
Located in Cam Kim commune, Kim Bong carpentry village has a history of up to 600 years. Under the reign of the Nguyen dynasty, Kim Bong was famous for its exquisite rustic work with boats and houses. Moreover, the architecture of houses or pagodas in Hoi An ancient town is also designed by the hand of carpenter Kim Bong.
To go here visitors follow the Cam Kim iron bridge (inaugurated in early 2016) linking Cam Kim and Cam Pho, another way is sailing from the old town in about 10 minutes.
The carpentry in this village is assessed lightly, rustic but sophisticated.  Visitors can find the hills, wooden statues, chairs or even small toys are nicely polished to keep the natural color.
Lantern craft

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The glittering lanterns in Hoi An ancient town is a "specialty" of the ancient city, which is a part of the form, space and soul of Hoi An. However, the job of making lanterns in Hoi An does not have a guild space, a specific "village", but only the long-scattered production facilities such as Tuoi Ngoc, Ngoc Thu or the workshop Artist Huynh Van Ba ...

Looking at the lantern looks simple, but to make a nice and perfect lantern is a process that requires meticulous attention, from the design stage to choosing materials, colors, paintings and techniques. The lantern builder must be passionate about his work and his passion for creativity can send his heart into the work, blowing the soul into each product, turning each lantern into a true artwork. .
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